Short Steps & Thought-Full Reads.

“Most of the people who will walk after me will be children, so make the beat keep time with short steps.” Hans Christian Anderson

We were supposed to wake up this morning, eat our plate full of scrambled eggs and breakfast cookies, throw in a load on hungry with small helping hands, enjoy some quiet time, and head out the door to meet friends for the morning. Thankfully, God knew better. He knew we needed the whole morning at home. So, my hubby walked back in the house moments after breakfast to announce another fun car issue (yay) and he needed my car for the morning.

My first response was a sigh of relief.

I love my friends. I really do. And I love it when my boys get out of the house early to run around and get out wiggles and energy. It always makes for a more pleasant time at home afterwards. I love hearing how everyone’s newborns are sleeping (or not sleeping), what everyone is making for dinners, what God is showing all these young moms in such tender seasons of life. But for after a few weeks in the row of back to back herd situations, constant busyness, and physical work, what I needed was a quiet morning in the walls of my home looking into the faces of my littles.

My husband often has to remind me that I am not the one that holds the Universe together by a thread. The Lord does that. I often think my respond to hard situations is, “Go! Go! Go!” because I think my actions set in motion the perpetual existence of all thing. Boy, do I have it wrong!

It reminds me of something Andrew Kern said: “When we try to take on too much when we try to rule too much, we harm it. We do damage to it. But He can do it. He is big enough, as an idea and a person, that He can make all things sing together in perfect harmony.”

This may sound absolutely ridiculous to some, but as I tickled my boys in the living room, read “Green Eggs and Ham” over and over again, cooked up a batch of soup, did a few loads of laundry, and planned for mess and art work I realized something.


The joy meter in our home can sometimes literally be measured by the number of new pieces of finer painted art work I hang up around the house. Our attitudes are lighter when there is margin for changing bed clothes for the coming winter season, playing gymnastics in piles of warm sheets, and having enough time set aside to do as the wise Mr. Anderson warned about above: keep time with short steps. 

A friend said in conversation yesterday that she read about another mom who suggested planning time to play. Setting a timer for a full 60 minutes of nothing on your to-do list but lego building, fort constructing, craft making, book reading goodness.

The same needs to be said of our calendars. Plan for slowness. Learn to trust that productivity and checking things off your to-do list isn’t the measure of your righteousness. God gently leads those who are with young. He doesn’t hurtle us from bed making, to dinner preparing, to hostessing, to bathroom scrubbing. Do you feel a gentle leading in your day? If not, is it possible your schedule is too full to sense those little nudges?


Occasionally I’d love to share a few reads from around the web that I feel are full of living thoughts. I’m calling these the “Thought-Full Reads.” 🙂 Some part of these reads have most likely made their way into my commonplace journal. Happy reading!

–My husband and I were so excited to sit down and have a challenging and thought changing discuss with Jen Wilkin at the Deeply Rooted retreat last week. This blogpost of her’s sums up most of the encouragement she gave us moving forward in ministry.

–As a mom I never knew how fearful I am of sleeplessness. God used this to remind me that the true good day is a day where you can look back on God’s faithfulness, and not necessarily energy overflowing from a full night of sleep.

–I love the idea that “food is God’s love made edible.” I found this originally through the most recent podcast over at At Home. Those ladies are doing a great work to challenge Christian parents in so many areas of life. Please check them out!

In Christ



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