First Things First: Cleft for Me

Welcome, readers! I wanted to open with introducing a little more about our hearts here. There are many men and women out there who have influenced the thoughts I will pour forth here, but the ones who get the brunt of my questions, narrations, fears, and confusion are the patient women in our local group that I am so grateful for. I’ve seen God’s provision and wisdom so much through this last year of growing with these ladies. Why? Because, quite honestly, these are ladies I would have happened upon. These are ladies go brought to me to bring me out of a common issues I still struggle with: the idol of efficiency. They are the ladies God knew I needed way more than I ever knew.

All that being said, I wanted to share a bit about how our name for this blog came to be. Simply put, one of the ladies suggested it a few weeks ago and I’ve been praying about it and thinking through it ever since. I am a believer that the gospel is efficient and able to relate to the whole of life, and that includes educating our kids. Following are some of the why’s and how’s to the way I think our hiddenness in Christ and His righteous covering over us causes rest in our schooling and parenting of our children.

The gospel says Jesus takes our sin and we get His perfect righteousness (2 Cor. 5:21). That righteousness is created to our account purely based on belief in this Savior’s mission, and not by any work of our own. This truth is literally an unending treasure trove to us practically. God hid Moses in the cleft of the rock in order to show Moses His glory. That was to be a sign to point to Christ who would be our perfect and ultimate covering, making us able to one day stand in front of God and see the whole of His glory without fear. Christ has become the better, perfect, protective cleft for me.


Back to what this means practically as educators: when we are hidden in the righteousness of Christ we are free to educate, make mistakes, not know Latin, not remember algebra lessons from high school, have a bad day occasionally. Why? Because our righteousness rests on Christ and never our abilities to educate our kids into the Kingdom through a liberal arts tradition. Both we and our children needs more than contact with knowledge. We need a death and resurrection of the soul, and this comes from God alone.

We can rest in the grace that pursues after us every day because it does so without depending on our successes at schooling. It’s when we run to the cleft that we see grace really suspends us in this life. I read something in Psalm 68 yesterday which promoted this thought which I posted on Facebook:

“Even when I don’t study God’s word appropriately and with due honor, when I’m a tired creature, when I’m hit in the face with my small limitations in the wisdom department, when I don’t serve my neighbors, big and little, as I should, I will have confidence that because Christ’s righteousness covers me, God daily bears me up, carries me along, and will never leave me or forsake me. This is not my own doing, but a gift, so that I shall not boast in my own works, but in Christ alone. #gospel”

Now let’s apply this needed covering to the lives of our children. This one is more challenging for me to remember. It’s by the Word of God declaring “Justified!” over the sin of our children they are saved. Not the Words of Milne, Tolkien, or Shakespeare, however valuable and life-giving they may be. God’s Words are the True Living Words that informs all other life we happen upon, even in the greatest works of literature, that transform hearts from dead to living, and that renews the mind, begetting holy imagination and ideas.

Backtracking now: who was it that hid Moses in the rock? Did he in his own wisdom think to turn to the hardest pieces of earth for covering? No. God placed Moses in the mountain. God did the work of getting Moses where He needed to be. God is faithful to complete the work He began in you, and the work He chooses to begin in your children. When we stray, He calls us back. When we turn our eyes elsewhere, He brings them back into focus. He will be faithful to establish us on the Rock of Christ in the midst of chaotic, unorganized days of schooling our kids. He even uses these chaotic means to bring us to Himself, to humble us, and cause us to cast ourselves on His mercy for help.

As we move forward, it is my hope to always put Christ before your eyes as we explore various topics related to education: Charlotte Mason, nature study, theology and doxology, liberal arts, great authors, thinkers, artists, etc. May we explore all these areas with freedom knowing that God created our minds and hearts to delight in such rich ideas.

Now, go, pick up your favorite book and read it to the glory of God. 🙂

Until next time,

hidden in Christ,


2 thoughts on “First Things First: Cleft for Me

  1. I love knowing that the Holy Spirit will teach our kids what each individual needs to know about each subject/life situation. That there won’t be “gaps” because each child will get exactly what they are suppose to get. That is so comforting. Also, knowing that when I make mistakes or have a crummy day, I am covered by Christ’s righteousness!


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